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JetX is an unconventional gambling game in which players try to correctly guess when a plane will explode and jump out of it before it does. The higher the plane gets while you're in it, the bigger the multiple of your bet you can win, and the maximum is up to 100x. The plane can explode at any time and if the player doesn't jump out of it before the explosion, they will lose their bet. This game has become popular mainly due to its unusualness compared to classic slot machines or casino games.

Supported systems

The Jet X download works on both mobile devices and laptops and fixed computers. Android, iOS and Windows are supported. Below you will find the procedure on how to download JetX on Android and iPhone. For Windows, the procedure is very simple. Just type jet x game download into your browser and complete the installation of the game by following the instructions in the downloaded file.

Download JetX on Android

Downloading the JetX mobile app can be a bit more challenging, as you won't find it in regular app stores. Therefore, you need to use the following procedure:

  1. In the security settings, allow downloads from unknown or unverified sources
  2. Search on your mobile browser for JetX app download
  3. Download the JetX app file
  4. Complete the installation using the downloaded file

Download JetX on iPhone

The procedure for iPhone is very similar, but you need to change a different part in the settings. To download the JetX game, use this procedure:

  1. Add an abbreviation for the site and filter articles
  2. Enable unknown shortcuts in settings
  3. Search JetX app download
  4. Download the JetX app file
  5. Complete the installation using the downloaded file

The difference between the mobile and PC versions

The mobile version doesn't lose out on features or fun compared to the PC version.

  • The biggest difference can be found in the interface, where more emphasis is placed on individual buttons and functions and less on the aircraft and passenger screen itself. You can still see it clearly, but it's considerably smaller compared to the PC version.
  • There are even more betting options available in the mobile version, where you can more easily click on a bet of 10, 20, 50 or All in.

But more importantly, you can still see your betting history, squads with other players or current betting status.