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As summarised at the beginning of this article, JetX is a relatively simple game. Nevertheless, it brings a few features that make it more playable. Depending on how much you would like to win or how much you are willing to risk, you can choose your strategy accordingly. In general, the biggest indicator is how much you are willing to risk. Your strategy can be almost risk-free, moderate risk or high risk. Each JetX strategy can then yield different winnings accordingly. As is common in online gambling, the more you are willing to take risks, the bigger your earnings will be and vice versa.

Strategies for a single bet

If you are a complete beginner in the world of gambling or in the world of JetX, we recommend that you start with single bets. Single bets are the simplest type of bets and therefore you place one bet per game. To start, consider the size of your bet until you become familiar with the mechanics. Once you are confident in single bets, try stacking your first double bet.

A winning strategy with minimum risk

Try a simple bet with minimal risk to start with. To do this, choose a low multiplier, somewhere between 1 and 2 is safest. The higher the value you choose, the riskier your game will be. Once you've built up your gusto and knowledge of the game, you can try something more complex. The game also offers a manual play option where you don't have an auto select setting, but this is not recommended for beginners.

A winning strategy with moderate risk

In short, the higher the multiplier you set, the higher the winnings you can expect, but at the same time you can lose more. A moderate-risk strategy recommends choosing a multiplier of around 2 to 3, as the percentage plane will exceed this threshold about 40% of the time. Such a value should guarantee earnings and at the same time compensate for losses in case of a loss.

JetX strategy for double bet

If you're already a seasoned gambler or love to take risks, JetX offers a double bet option. As mentioned earlier, the developers have designed the game with a double bet option and if you know how to do it, we definitely recommend this strategy. The game takes on a new dynamic and you can make your money appreciate even more than before.

Strategies for classic bets

With JetX, you can apply several of the traditional betting strategies. If you know your way around gambling and can use the established methods, you can make a very attractive profit. We've broken down a few of them for you below.

Fibonacci system

Have you heard of the Fibonacci betting system? It is based on increasing your initial bet after each loss. The system is based on the premise that even if you lose several times in a row, you can get your money back by increasing your initial bet. You can also use this strategy with JetX. The system can deliver a unique gaming experience in addition to a nice win.

D'Alembert system

Another math-based strategy you can use when playing JetX is Jean d'Alembert's system. Similar to the previous strategy, the system talks about the need to increase the bet in case of a loss. However, unlike Fibonacci, d'Alembert recommends that the bet should be lowered in the event of a big win. This way you can stay in the black while not pushing your bets to astronomical proportions.

Martingale system

An established and popular strategy that you can also try when playing JetX is Martingale's betting system. The strategy calls for double the bet in case you lose. This system is meant to guarantee that you make up for the losses from the previous losing bet, while still getting the profit that you would have gotten if you had won the initial bet. This system is one of the most popular gambling strategies and has been tested to be reliable.

Labouchere system

Laboucher's system is slightly more complicated than the three previous ones and more risky. It is based on setting a goal of how much you want to earn and dividing it into smaller parts. You then work with these parts independently and increase them gradually until you reach the desired earnings. The whole system is quite complex and if you want to find out more about it, read some online articles.